PUB 10

Lower Level | Loyola University Chicago | Student Damen Center

6511 N Sheridan Road

Chicago, IL 60626



Pub 10 is dedicated to providing a space where anyone is welcome to visit, grab a drink, and relax. We offer a wide selection of wine, beer from local Chicago breweries, and Metropolis coffee!

We are located in the lower level of Damen Student Center on Loyola University Chicago's Lakeshore campus.



The pub was named after George Ireland - the coach that led Loyola to victory in 1963 known as the 'Game of Change'. In 1963, Loyola became the first Illinois team to win the NCAA basketball championship. The team made history, but not just for their NCAA victory. The game, now recognized as the 'Game of Change' almost never happened at all. At the time, Loyola had four African American men in their lineup. Given the extreme racial tension of the time, this posed a problem for the all-white Mississippi State team that Loyola was schedule to play. The Mississippi State team had to travel beyond state lines in order to play the game. The teams were able to meet, and the revolutionary game took place in East Lansing, Michigan. It was under George Ireland that Loyola was able to participate in an event that made civil rights and college basketball history. The 'Game of Change' broke down racial barriers and molded our Ramblers into NCAA champions. 

 Coach Ireland and the NCAA Championship Trophy

Coach Ireland and the NCAA Championship Trophy

 Coach Ireland leading his team to victory

Coach Ireland leading his team to victory


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